Magnolia stellata. 

Magnolia stellata. 



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Plants have personality. And if you take a bit of time to get to know them, you may be both surprised and delighted by what you discover. A Bowing Acquaintance With Plants is a series of black-and-white plant portraits that invites you to take a closer look, to discover the unique characteristics and gestures that give plants their personality.


Rather than photograph the ocean as it appears, I have attempted to photograph the way it makes me feel. Through lengthy exposures, taken after the sun dips below the horizon, these images capture the mutability of the sea: the simultaneous ebb and flow of the tide, the ever-changing nature of the shoreline, and the colorful reflections of the evening sky. 

southern sea islands

Amelia, Big Talbot, Little Talbot and Fort George Islands are the southernmost of the southern Sea Islands and the northernmost of islands along Florida's Atlantic coastline. They protect the marshes and mainland from wind and waves, and consist of beaches, dunes, the maritime forest, hardwood hammocks, marshes, swamps, creeks and rivers.