Creative Explorations in botanical photography

INSTRUCTOR: Lee Anne White

LOCATION: The Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, Maine

DATES:  August 14-20, 2016

COST:   $1,195

LEVELS:  Intermediate, Advanced, Master

Workshops are among the best ways I know to take leaps in your photographic skills and ways of seeing. Not short, half-day seminars or online classes (though they definitely have their place), but intensive, weeklong workshops away from home, away from work, away from your day-to-day responsibilities and distractions. The kind of workshops where you set everything else aside and take a deep dive into your subject with other curious, determined, like-minded photographers. 
I’m pleased to announce that I will be teaching Creative Explorations in Botanical Photography this summer at The Maine Media Workshops. Unlike my previous garden photography workshops at MMW, we’ll spend most of our time in the studio focusing on plants—though we will visit and photograph several outstanding Maine gardens during the week as well. In additional to all kinds of flowers (including stunning dahlias from a local dahlia farm), we’ll photograph fascinating foliage, sensational seedpods, fabulous fruit and more. It will be a celebration of the entire plant and the many phases of the plant life cycle. We’ll work in both color and black and white, with natural light and studio lights, indoors and outdoors. You’ll learn some simple, affordable setups for photographing flowers, flower arrangements and still life subjects. We’ll explore macro photography, work both handheld and on a tripod, and even play around a bit with our camera phones. We’ll also discuss some image processing techniques.
The setting for this workshop is mid-coast Maine and the picturesque harbor town of Rockport. Wonderful meals are provided “under the tent” on the unique MMW campus, and a number of visiting workshop instructors give talks in the evenings which are open to all workshop participants. Our days will be a mix of photographing unique gardens, shooting in the studio, discussions and image reviews. Come prepared to look at plants and flowers in new ways, to open your mind to creative thinking, and to grow as a photographer—no matter what your starting level.
The class is ideal for photographers with an interest in plants, flowers and gardens; avid gardeners who wish to expand their photographic skills, and floral arrangers who want to produce professional images of their work. Participants should be familiar with their camera equipment and image processing software, and should bring their laptops for processing images during the week. Recommended equipment includes a DSLR camera with lenses (a macro lens is highly recommended) and sturdy tripod. Camera phones are optional, but fun.
The workshop will be held Sunday evening, August 14 through Saturday morning, August 20. Most participants fly in and out of the Portland, ME, airport, where they can either catch a shuttle to the workshops or rent a car. There is plenty to see and do if you decide to stay a few days after the workshop and explore coastal Maine. 

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