Through the Eyes of Janus. Perhaps due to my Gemini nature, I am intrigued by twins and opposites—light and dark, open and closed, inside and out. And so I was intrigued to discover that Janus, the Roman god depicted with two faces looking opposite directions—one looking forward, the other looking back—is also associated with creativity. (In fact, a sculpture of Janus hangs on the wall outside the library at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College.). Janus is associated with doorways and windows, passageways and transitions, transformations and new beginnings. He was also known as the guardian of peace. The images for these diptychs have been made throughout my travels, as well as my daily comings and goings. And just as Janusian thinking (imagining opposites in simultaneous existence) spurs creativity, I find that these images take on new meaning when paired as diptychs.