Coastal Maine | Photographing Water in the Landscape

Dates.  September 8-14, 2019

Location. Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, Maine




Make eye-catching images of water that convey its beauty, serenity, power and mystery while exploring the rocky shoreline, inland waterways and water gardens of Mid-Coast Maine. Experiment with creative techniques for capturing action, the passage of time, reflections, and abstractions. Learn to shoot in different light and weather conditions. Explore a variety of coastal and fresh-water environments—from tidal pools, rock-strewn beaches and salt marshes to rippling brooks and mountain lakes. Photograph fountains, ponds and reflecting pools in gardens.

By the end of the workshop, students should be able to:

  • Work more creatively, playfully and experimentally

  • Compose more compelling images

  • Express emotion through photographs of water

  • Understand the impact of light and weather on water

  • Use tools such as tripods, polarizing filters and ND filters to improve and broaden the range of photographs that can be made

  • Photograph a wide range of water elements in both natural and built environments

  • Think beyond the capture to potential image processing and presentation options

For additional information and to register, contact Maine Media Workshops.