The Naturalist’s Studio

The Naturalist's Studio. By the time I turned 10, I had dug up much of our suburban backyard. The cow's tooth, Civil War bullet and broken bits of Native American pottery I discovered on these digs were placed in a special box. To this collection, I added beetles, butterflies, bones, rocks, bird nests and cicada shells from the woods. I rescued snakes, baby rabbits, moles and bullfrogs–from what, I'm not quite sure. (I even made a pet of an injured chicken that fell off a poultry truck until it mysteriously disappeared at the hands of a fox, hawk, or quite possibly, my parents.)

In my twenties and thirties, I turned my eyes to the world of plants. My garden became a collector's garden, filled with unique plants brought home in suitcases from trips to visit gardeners and photograph gardens through the country. These days, I am more likely to gather shells or rocks on the beach during trips to Amelia Island or Maine. The urge to collect and surround myself with natural objects lingers and there is almost always something lurking in my pocket that I've picked up along the way.

The Naturalist's Studio taps this desire to collect and surround myself with natural objects--simple, yet beautiful artifacts that provide an everyday connection to nature, that remind me of the beauty in the world, that trigger memories of walks on the beach or travels to distant places, and that bring me a moment of peace and quiet in an increasingly hectic world. I hope, perhaps, they will help you connect with nature, a memory or a quiet moment, as well.