We need others in our lives to both challenge and encourage us, as well as to share their own experiences and insight. We can often find this in workshop instructors, but sometimes it is also helpful to have some continued guidance after the workshop is over to help that new learning sink in more deeply, to keep us accountable to our goals or to help us take an even deeper dive into our creative work.

For those who have taken workshops with me, I can offer ongoing support through a mentoring program that can be customized to your needs—whether you need a periodic image review, a more in-depth portfolio review or ongoing mentoring sessions in which you are working toward a specific goal. The focus of this mentoring program is on personal creative growth and developing your unique way of seeing.

Everything is done online, so you can upload images and communicate at your convenience. The number of individuals I work with at any one time is limited so that I can give each appropriate attention. For more information, write to me at: 

Image Reviews                                                 10 images/$150

Feedback on 10 images, with a focus on composition, technical execution and visual impact. May be single images or small groups of related images. Will use Dropbox for sharing and commenting. Open to reviewing revisions of several of the images, if desired. 

Mentoring Sessions                                          $200/session

A series of sessions to address your individual needs and goals related to creative growth, artistic development, project development or exploring your unique way of seeing. We touch base monthly for an agreed upon time (such as six months), to review your goals and progress and to address specific questions and needs. Includes reviewing 6-8 images. There may be journaling, research or photographic assignments suggested.

Portfolio Review                                              20 images/$250

Feedback on up to 20 images that represent a single body of work, with a focus on concept, development, composition, technical execution, impact and visual style. Will also discuss goals related to project and potential means of presentation. Will use Dropbox for sharing and commenting. Open to reviewing revisions of several images, if desired. May involve 2-3 rounds of conversation via email and/or Dropbox comments. [Note: This service is also available to photographers who have not yet taken a workshop with me.]

In-Studio Mentoring                                        3 days/$1000

Come work in my studio. We’ll meet each morning and afternoon to discuss your goals, challenges and progress and to review images. The rest of the day, you will work on a personal project of some kind (whether learning a new skill, developing a photographic series, or exploring different ways to shoot a subject). I will be in the studio and available to assist as needed, but want you to have time to work on your own.

In-the-Field Mentoring                                     3 days/$1200

Join me for three days of shooting in the field photographing gardens or landscapes. We can use my studio as a base to visit local gardens, meet in Fernandina Beach to explore Amelia Island, or potentially meet in other destinations. I have extensive experience shooting in Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, northern New Mexico and Mid-Coast Maine. [Note:  There are no travel expenses incurred for photographer if based at my studio, and limited expenses if based on Amelia Island. Compensation for travel is expected for other locations.]