Container Garden Idea Book

Lee Anne White, editor

Containers are wonderful accents anywhere in the landscape. For those with small spaces or beginner skills, they offer an easy and affordable way to add stylish touches to their surroundings. Every gardener will find unique inspiration in Container Garden Idea Book. Part of Taunton’s best-selling Idea Book series, it’s an amazing visual clip file with over 300 photos, plant recipes, and eye-catching designs for container gardens of all shapes and sizes. It will inspire gardeners to experiment with new plants, from flowers to vegetables and herbs; with color and texture combinations; and with pot shapes and materials. Readers can’t go wrong with this fresh content from the editors and contributors of Fine Gardening on how best to display containers throughout the landscape, change them up every season, and so much more.


Container gardening is the most democratic form of gardening I know. It is accessible to everyone, whether they own a piece of land or not. It can be enjoyed by the young and old alike. And it can be equally engaging for those planting their first flowers or those with 50 years of serious gardening experience under their belt. Container gardening is a great option for those who are handicapped, who live in the city with only a balcony or sunny windowsill, or who have minimal time in which to maintain a garden. You can start with a few seeds and recycled containers if you’re gardening on a budget or invest in a collection of elegant pots to host your plants and enhance any home.

It is the creative aspect of container gardening that I love the most. Container gardening is fun, and because what you plant isn’t permanent, it provides the perfect opportunity to play in the garden. Mix and match plants. Move pots around to create new combinations. Try a plant in a pot before you place it more permanently in the ground. Grow annuals, perennials, herbs, succulents, shrubs, trees, or whatever your heart desires. Showcase a new color scheme each year. Or move containers about as plants come in and out of their peak season to create an ever-changing display that always looks great. With container gardening, there are no mistakes, only experiments!

In this book, you’ll learn about the basics of container gardening—everything from choosing containers to potting up plants and keeping them healthy. You’ll also learn a range of strategies for design—whether you place one plant in a pot or pack your planters with a dozen perennials. You’ll discover ways to use containers throughout the landscape—on the terrace, around the pool deck, on a rooftop, beckoning visitors to your front door, or as an architectural accent in a border. So pull on your gardening gloves, grab your spade, and start planning and planting!

—Lee Anne White



Choosing the Right Containers

Designing Container Plantings

Specialty Container Plantings

Placing Pots in the Landscape

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