DATE:  July 8-14, 2018

LOCATION: Maine Media Workshops, Rockport, Maine


Learn how to make more compelling plant and garden photographs while exploring beautiful gardens and unique nature preserves along the coast of Maine. Discover easy exercises to help you break through creative blocks, to look at plants in new ways, and to develop your own photographic style. Explore creative techniques for altering natural light, controlling background clutter and simplifying compositions. Learn how to capture the personality of plants and the spirit of a place. As a bonus, we’ll also explore macro photography in a natural-light studio setting.

By the end of the workshop, students should be able to:

  • Work more creatively, playfully and experimentally
  • Compose more compelling images
  • Understand lens choice, depth of field and their impact on the final image
  • Understand the impact of lighting on plants and in gardens; use reflectors and diffusers to alter the light on plants
  • Photograph plants in gardens, nature and the natural-light studio
  • Identify their intentions in botanical photography and explore their photographic style
  • Think beyond the capture to potential image processing and presentation optionsWHAT TO BRING: A digital SLR camera and lenses (including macro capabilities), tripod, laptop with image processing software of your choice, and thumbdrive with 10 images of your current botanical work to share. a polarizing filter is recommended.

REGISTRATION: CLICK HERE to contact Maine Media Workshops and register for the workshop.