Snow Days

We don't get much snow in Georgia. When we do, it's usually mixed with sleet or ice, and it rarely lasts long enough to take photographs. But every few years, we'll have a beautiful snow, like we did last night. And I can slip out into my garden just long enough to grab a few shots before the clumps of snow begin to melt and fall off the trees.



All photos ©2010 Lee Anne White.

Winter...A Time for Rest

I'm teaching at the Southern Gardening Symposium at Callaway Gardens this weekend. Yesterday, I was out scouting potential shooting locations. It was a peaceful day in the garden--overcast, quiet, still. Thanks to the hard freezes we've had recently, there weren't any vegetables growing in Mr. Cason's Vegetable Garden, but I enjoyed my visit in that part of the garden anyhow. It felt more like a working farm, and the way a farm should feel in winter. And that suited me just fine.

Mr. Cason's Vegetable Garden in Winter, Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA. Photos ©2010 Lee Anne White. All rights reserved.

Bare Branches

On my morning walk, I noticed that the week's rain had knocked most of the remaining leaves off the trees. Even the white oaks, which tend to stubbornly hang on to their leaves until January, were looking surprisingly bare. I was reminded that as much as I love the fall leaf color, winter is actually my favorite time for observing and photographing trees. Who can argue with the beauty of this Europeaan beech in winter?

Photo ©2009 Lee Anne White. All rights reserved.