water garden

Reflecting on Water

I'm fine-tuning a talk on "Integrating Water in the Garden" for next week's Southern Gardening Symposium at Callaway Gardens. In particular, I'm working on my introductory and closing remarks, trying to set the mood for the presentation. So I'm sitting here at my desk listening to meditative music with the sounds of water: waves gently rolling ashore, gurgling brooks, rain on a tin roof. I'm thinking of my earliest experiences with water: feeding the goldfish in my grandmother's pond, paddling a canoe down the Chestatee River, watching the sun set over Lake Lanier, diving into crashing waves at the beach, listening to the rain fall on the cabin roof at summer camp.

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of writing and photographing the Water Garden Idea Book, which was published by Taunton Books. The best part of that project was discovering the ingenious ways designers and gardeners had worked water into their landscapes. Some were as simple as a small, water filled basin tucked into a border. Others dazzled the eye and mind--water stairs, sculptural wall fountains and more. Here are a few that I especially enjoyed.

Design: The Fockele Garden Company. Photo ©2009 Lee Anne White

Design: (left) Clemens & Associates, (right) Steve Martino & Associates. Photo ©2009 Lee Anne White.

Design: Rich Ferraro. Construction: Red Rock Pools & Spas. Homeowner: Dan & Paulette Campbell. Photo ©2009. Lee Anne White.

Design: Robin & Paul Cowley. Photo ©2009 Lee Anne White.

Design: (left) JC Enterprises Inc., (right) Clemens & Associates. Photos ©2009 Lee Anne White.

Design: Jack Chandler. Photo ©2009 Lee Anne White.

Design: Clemens & Associates. Photo ©2009 Lee Anne White.

Design: The Fockele Garden Company. And yes, the one of the left is manmade. Photos ©2009 Lee Anne White.

Design: Ben Page, Jr.  Photo ©2009 Lee Anne White.

Design: (left) Red Rock Pools & Spas, (right) Scott Melcher.

Design: Stone Forest, Inc.  Photo ©2009 Lee Anne White.

Design: Robin & Paul Cowley. Photo ©2009 Lee Anne White.

Cowley Garden Featured on Tour

Robin and Paul Cowley's Oakland garden will be featured on the 2009 Ups & Downs of Hillside Gardening Tour on April 18-19. This stunning garden features an assortment of water features--from simple basins and bubbling fountains to a naturalistic koi pod and an ingeniuos bog with floating steps. Paul is a landscape architect and owner of Potomac Waterworks, a firm specializing in the design and construction of water features. Robin is a talented fiber artist, whose eye for texture is evident in the garden's plantings. Together, they have created a garden filled with imagination and ideas. Their home and studios will also be on tour.

Tour hours are Saturday, April 18, from 11 am - 4 pm, and Sunday, April 19, from 10 am - 5 pm. There are eight gardens on the tour, which benefits the Hillside Gardeners of Montclair. For ticket information, call 510-530-1681 or email HgmGardens@gmail.com.

All photos ©2007 Lee Anne White. All rights reserved. Garden design: Paul & Robin Cowley, Oakland, CA.