Shooting From the Comfort of the Car on a Rainy Day

Rainy Day at the Beach. iPhone capture. ©2015 Lee Anne White.

Rainy Day at the Beach. iPhone capture. ©2015 Lee Anne White.

It's the rainy season in the South, or at least it has been this year. It's also hot, and my tolerance for the combination of heat and humidity wanes further with each passing year. Ah, but I have discovered the joy of photographing scenes in the rain from the comfort of an air-conditioned car with my iPhone! I've also found that playing with "drive-by" images on my iPhone is a fun way to kill time when I'm in the passenger seat on long trips (and sometimes even short trips).

I like to think of this as creative play. I love the apps available for processing the images, although I haven't played with many of them yet. My current favorite is Snapseed. And, yes, I like playing with the filters--which makes it more about art, interpretation and personal expression than straight photography. And just for the record, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, so you won't see me posting on Instagram with #nofilter hashtag.

A Rare Daylight Shoot at the Beach

When I go to the beach, the camera usually comes out of the bag after sunset when all the beachgoers have gone home for the day. That's because I like to slow the movement of the waves and catch the colorful reflection of the evening sky in the water. But not last week.

The fog changed things: The light, the color, the depth of field. With the fog, you can't see very far, and this allowed me to isolate individual waves without showing any background except as a color wash. The colors may not be as exciting, but it still makes for a moody photograph, don't you think?