A Great Day With a Few of Brenau's Authors

Brenau University hosted its first Alumni Author Showcase yesterday. The day kicked off with alumni and members of the Brenau community at a breakfast meeting that featured a panel discussion with five authors. Afterward, we all headed to the Brenau Trustee Library, where we visited with students, faculty and others, and were able to discuss and sign books.

One of the highlights was simply being able to talk and share stories with other authors about the joys and challenges of writing, publishing and promoting books--as it is rare that we get to spend time with those who do the same kind of work that we do. Of course, our books and audiences were all very different, so it was interesting to hear about the various experiences and strategies of each author. Several authors have produced multiple books. Some were just getting their feet wet in the world of publishing. I wish each and every one much success with their ventures!