On Learning to See

Granted, it's fun to travel to new places to take photographs. Yet, sometimes all you really need to do is head to your own backyard or take a walk down the street to discover interesting images. They are all around you if you take time not just to look, but to truly see. Here's a perfect example: This abstract photograph is the pavement beneath my feet when I stepped out of the car into a downtown parking lot. Can you see it for not only what it is (pavement), but for what it might be (an abstract image about texture, lines, forms and shades)?

Photo ©Lee Anne White

Photo ©Lee Anne White

Train Graffiti

Trains have always fascinated me as photographic subjects. All those nuts, bolts and rails. All that rust. And all of those wonderful, strong shadows. Add a bit of colorful graffiti and you have a great subject for abstract images. The key to shooting abstracts (or any other photographs, for that matter) is editing. What you leave out is just as important as what you leave in.

Photos ©2009 Lee Anne White. All rights reserved.