Santa Fe

Student Images From New Mexico

A delightful group of adventurous and creative women joined me in Santa Fe recently to explore culturally significant landscapes, historic sites and their own way of seeing the world around them. After a couple of days of bright, sunny days, we found ourselves dodging rain but enjoying the softer light and often dramatic clouds. Here are some student images from our first four days on the road in northern New Mexico. Enjoy!

New Mexico Photos

New Mexico ranks among my favorite places to visit. That has to do, at least in part, with the fact that my mom grew up there. I have roots, of sorts, in that dry soil. I try to visit often, but it's never as often as I'd like. I was sorting through some of my more recent New Mexico photos today and thought I'd share a few. You can also see images in subsequent and previous posts.

This first batch is from the Santuario de Chimayo, a beautiful little church built between 1814 and 1816 in the town of Chimayo, just north of Santa Fe. It is owned by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe and is visited by more than 300,000 each year--many of them on pilgrimage seeking spiritual and physical healing. The church is said to be built on soil that has remarkable curative powers.

All photos ©2008 Lee Anne White.