North Georgia

North Georgia in Winter

Although I live in North Georgia, I confess that I don't shoot much here. I do most of my photography on the road shooting for books or on personal shooting trips. When I do get out with my camera, it is usually in winter. That's when I have more time and feel the greatest need to get outdoors and explore. Plus, I love the winter landscape. It's quiet, textural and revealing. In fact, I believe I love trees best when their branches are bare. That's when they show their true character. 

Anyhow, when a request to participate in a local photographic exhibition about North Georgia at Brenau University's Sellars' Gallery came along recently, it was a chance to take a closer look at some of the images I've been shooting closer to home. Just thought I'd share a few of those with you here--especially since it is currently very cold outside. (In fact, we had sleet and light icing this morning.) Keep warm!