Playtime at the Arch

I spent last week photographing the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial park, which is home to the St. Louis Arch. It involved five days of lugging 30 pounds of large-format camera gear and shooting in snow, bitter winds and sub-freezing temperatures. It was an enjoyable, but physically demanding assignment.

As much as I would have liked to spend some personal time photographing the arch with my digital camera, it took every free daylight hour just to accomplish the assignment at hand. Instead, I turned to my iPhone for occasional "grab shots" and found I loved playing with both this on-the-go format and Instagram. I know everyone makes a big deal out of the #nofilter hashtag to prove that what they took was a straight shot, but pros turn to filters and analog/digital darkroom adjustments all the time to convey the mood they want for a why not something like Instagram for phone shots? I believe it's just one more tool for expressing our vision and creativity.