Interview Featured on Artist Think

Carrie Brummer's inspiring blog, ArtistThink, features wonderful interviews with artists and "creative spirits" of all kinds. I am both thrilled and honored to have been interviewed this week. She asked some wonderful and challenging questions about my work, inspirations and creative process. Here's an excerpt from the interview. Click HERE to see the full interview and to check out Carrie's site and interviews with other creative women.


ArtistThink: What strategies do you use to help yourself when you feel “stuck?”

Lee Anne: A combination of play and looking at things another way have evolved into what I loosely refer to as “visual brainstorming.” It’s a strategy I’ll use to loosen up if I’m starting a new project or have been spending too much time at the computer. I’ll use every lens in my bag at every possible setting and look at my subject from every possible angle.

I take breaks. Sometimes it’s challenging to know when you need to push through a barrier and when you need to just walk away for a while. For me, it usually has to do with energy level, and I’ve learned to recognize when to take a break. Our minds need time to mull things over and to connect ideas and information. Sometimes it is a walk around the block or down the beach. Other times it may be overnight or even for a week. There’s great power in coming back to a stalled project with fresh ideas and energy.

I tend to have two or more projects in the works at any time. That way, I can switch between them when my energy for one wanes and still remain productive.

When I’m beginning to feel stale, in general, I like to take a workshop, focus on a different subject (like switching from landscapes to architecture) or go somewhere I’ve never been before—whether it is on the other side of town or the other side of the world.