Student Images: Maine Media Photographing Water Workshop

What better way to spend a week in summer than exploring the Maine Coast, photographing water? We had a group that did just that in July. In addition to photographing the ocean, rivers and water gardens, they got their feet wet photographing fog and rain as well! Still water, moving water, reflections and recreational activities were all part of this class. Here are a few of the watery images captured by students:

Credit: Students of Photographing Water, a week-long workshop offered by Maine Media Workshops and taught by Lee Anne White, July 2018.

Student Images: Maine Media Garden Photography Workshop

We had a talented, enthusiastic and supportive group that gathered in Maine during July to explore botanical and garden photography. This was mostly a field workshop, with lots of time spent in lots of gardens--both public and private. Here are a few images highlighting the work of each student. Enjoy!

Open Studio at Heliker-LaHotan Foundation

As my time at the Heliker-LaHotan Foundation on Great Cranberry Island, Maine, comes to a close, I will be holding an Open Studio in the LaHotan Studio along the shore where I have been working. The event will be held this Thursday at 4:30pm. Drop by for a glass of wine and to see images of the island. In addition to landscapes, I will be debuting a new still-life series called The Naturalist's Studio: Natural Objects as Works of Art. 

Lee Anne White Open Studio eblast.jpg

Artist Talk and Photo Workshop on Great Cranberry Island, Maine

I'm heading to the Heliker-LaHotan Foundation's Artist Residency Program on Great Cranberry Island, Maine, this week. I will stay at the residency for four weeks and my initial focus will be exploring the island, journaling and giving an artist talk for the community. If you happen to live or be traveling near GCI (just off the coast of Acadia National Park and accessible by ferry), please join me this coming Thursday at 4pm at the Cranberry House.

I will also be leading a 3-day landscape/seascape photography workshop on the island from August 9-11. It's not too late to register!


Landscape Photography Workshop on Great Cranberry Island, Maine

Landscape and Place
A Photography Workshop on Great Cranberry Island, Maine

August 9-11, 2018

Maine fog. ©2017 Lee Anne White.

Maine fog. ©2017 Lee Anne White.

What is this thing we call landscape? What do we mean by place? And what elements in the landscape give a place a sense of place? How can we move beyond the obvious shots to photograph the true character of a landscape or the "fingerprints" of place? We'll explore these questions through discussions, image reviews and extensive in-the-field photography during a three-day workshop on Great Cranberry Island, Maine.

The workshop is sponsored by the Heliker-LaHotan Foundation. Details and registration information can be found on their website.

Student Images: May Studio Workshop

It's always a treat to share the work created by students in my workshops. This one took place in my studio in late May. We explored simple, creative ways to create a compact and affordable home studio for photographing nature with both natural light and continuous lighting. Though we all love photographing nature and gardens outdoors, shooting in the studio allows us to spend more time with our subjects, to work with them in more creative ways, and to do so in a controlled (okay, air-conditioned and bug-free) environment. It is also a great way to keep shooting in winter when it is difficult or impossible to work outside. Anyhow, I hope you will join me in celebrating the work of these avid and talented photographers!