A Fresh Look at Flowers

Photographing flowers is not new for me. I've spent the past 15 to 20 years photographing them in the field and garden. But those shots were for editorial purposes. Photographing them in the studio is different. 


This is not the first time I've brought flowers into the studio. On cold, dreary, mid-winter days, I've often made a trip to the market for a fresh bouquet of flowers to shoot indoors. It was a great way to both boost my spirit and keep my creative juices flowing. Those images were shot in color, often in macro. 

What I'm experimenting with now would fall more into the category of still life. And in addition to photographing flowers, I'm shooting a range of botanical finds I have collected on walks--seeds, nuts, seed pods and seed heads of all kinds. I'm playing around with composition, backgrounds, sepia toning and hand coloring. It's not quite what I'd call a series yet, as it is still too much in the exploratory phases. I find that some techniques work well for certain images, but fail entirely on others. Hand coloring, for instance, is perfect for fading flowers but lost on more monochromatic seed pods. But this is the fun part--exploring the possibilities and asking myself, "How else might I photograph that?"