Shoot When Others Don't

Among the lessons I learned years ago during a workshop with photographer Brenda Tharp is that if you shoot when others don't, you get the shots that no one else does.

One day recently, while shooting in St. Louis on assignment, it was 5 degrees outside when I crawled out of bed and bundled up for a day of shooting. It was 13 degrees and windy when I actually took my first shot. it never climbed out of the 20s all day. 


I wasn't shooting in color. My client needed black-and-white prints from a large-format camera. But I did toss a digital camera in the bag...just in case. This was one of the few times I pulled it out of the bag (choosing instead to use the camera on my iPhone when the urge to play struck). Maybe it's just that I'm from the South and don't see that much frozen ice, but the ice in this pond was a beautiful color. With the little piles of snow on top, I was reminded of clouds drifting in the sky. 

This is one of those random, stand-alone shots that doesn't belong in a series or with the assignment, and often gets lost and forgotten along the way. So just for fun, I thought I'd share.

Stay warm, my friends!