New Book Arriving Soon

Although I have photographed many books, I am pleased to announce the publication of my first photo book, The Mutable Sea: Reflections on Change.

If you’re wondering what the difference is, my previous books have been editorial in nature. The photographs, even when they were the predominant feature of a book, were taken specifically to illustrate points in the text. In the case of The Mutable Sea, what little text there is was written or chosen to support the photographs, which are far more personal and expressive in nature.

I’ve long been a believer in personal projects as a means of creative and artistic growth. Over the past six years, I’ve pursued three separate and very different personal projects during my visits to Amelia Island—the southernmost of the southern Sea Islands and northernmost island along Florida’s Atlantic coast. Two of the projects are in black and white; this one is in color.

Through lengthy exposures, taken mostly after sunset, I have attempted to capture the simultaneous ebb and flow of the tide, the ever-changing nature of the shore, and the colorful reflections of the evening sky. Yet for me, The Mutable Sea is more than a series of photographs. It is a meditation on change—both the constant changes where the land meets the sea, which has been beautifully expressed in an introductory excerpt from Rachel Carson’s The Edge of the Sea, and the changes in our lives, which I explore through other quotes and a brief essay. The images were taken during a period of transition in my life, and spending that time alone along the shore provided ample time for reflection and contemplation.

In terms of artistic growth, this work was about learning to look at something in a new way and being more open to emotional expression through my photographs. It is as much about the way the gently rolling waves made me feel as what I saw. It was also very much about learning how to make an expressive print and paying close detail to the subtleties of color, light and shadow. And it marks a shift in my focus to projects that are more personal and artistic in nature.

The book is 70 pages, with 56 color photographs. It is currently being printed by Edition One Books in Berkeley, Calif., and is expected to arrive later this month. For more information or to place an advance order, click here. Signed and numbered limited-edition prints are also available. Contact me directly for more information.