New photo-eye Site Launched

The undisputed best source for photobooks,, just introduced a completely revamped website, which features a redesigned bookstore, gallery, auctions, and newsletters. It also includes Visual Server (a website creator and content manager) and a new USA Photography Guide with links to galleries, associations, festivals/events, schools, workshops, grants, book publishers, periodicals and more. The design is more dynamic and interactive, with larger photos and much improved navigation--especially in the gallery section.

But best of all is the relaunch of the much missed photo-eye Booklist magazine, now simply called photo-eye Magazine, which has become an e-zine. This issue celebrates the 50th anniversary of Robert Frank's The Americans, which ranks among the most influential photography books ever published. The magazine includes features, articles and reviews (this time, all focused on Frank), along with a blog and article archive. Admittedly, I miss the printed copy of Booklist, but I'm thrilled to have this new online resource--which is free and available via RSS subscription.