Student Images: Amelia and the Southern Sea Islands

I have just returned from Amelia Island, where a group of students from the U.S. and Canada joined me for a week of photographing Amelia, Big Talbot, Little Talbot and Fort George Islands. Each had a distinct eye and was attracted to something different on the islands--sometimes the light, sometimes textures or patterns, sometimes the water and sometimes an emotional connection or sense of place. When looking at their images (below), it's also interesting to note the differences in their color palettes.  Enjoy!

My next workshop on Amelia Island will be December 2-8, 2017. Early December may be my favorite time on the island. It is late fall, so there is still some color in the trees and the marshes are still green. Temperatures are usually just right, birds are migrating, and tourists have gone for the season. It's not unusual to have the beach to yourself, some occasional fog, and good shelling. In the historic town of Fernandina Beach, parking places will be easy to come by and there is no wait at restaurants. Did I mention the food? We spend almost as much time savoring the seafood as we do photographing the landscape in this workshop. If you'd like a short break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, consider joining me this December on the island.

Student Images: Advanced Explorations in Botanical Photography Workshop

In the Advanced Explorations in Botanical Photography Workshop this past fall at Maine Media Workshop, we spent a lot of time in the studio exploring natural light, studio lighting and still life photography. Of course, that didn't keep us from visiting a garden each day for fresh air, inspiration and just a few more images. Here are a few of the photographs taken by the students in that workshop. I hope you'll join me in applauding them for their work!