Dates Set for Key 2019 Workshops

Dates have been set for my weeklong, intensive photo workshops in 2019. They offer an opportunity to explore new places, look at things in new ways, and take a deep dive into landscape or botanical photography. Here’s where you can join me. Click on the workshop title for a full description and details.


Photographing Plants and Nature in the Studio | Gainesville, GA | Feb 24-March 2

The Cultural Landscape: Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico | Santa Fe, NM | May 5-11

Photographing Water in the Landscape | Rockport, ME | September 5-14

Creative Explorations in Botanical Photography | Rockport, ME | September 15-21

The Intimate Landscape: Amelia and the Southern Sea Island | Fernandina Beach, FL | December 8-15

Caroline Nix Gallery Now Carrying Work

I’m pleased to announce that Caroline Nix Gallery is now carrying my work. This is a new gallery, opened just six months ago, that works closely with interior designers, is open to the public by appointment, and hosts Open House events every few months. The work is mostly contemporary, yet it can also be used to give a fresh look to more traditional interiors. The gallery is currently carrying a number of my 20x20 and 12x12 photo-encaustic botanicals. You can follow Caroline Nix Galleries on instagram or check out their website for more information.


Student Images: Maine Media Photographing Water Workshop

What better way to spend a week in summer than exploring the Maine Coast, photographing water? We had a group that did just that in July. In addition to photographing the ocean, rivers and water gardens, they got their feet wet photographing fog and rain as well! Still water, moving water, reflections and recreational activities were all part of this class. Here are a few of the watery images captured by students:

Credit: Students of Photographing Water, a week-long workshop offered by Maine Media Workshops and taught by Lee Anne White, July 2018.

Student Images: Maine Media Garden Photography Workshop

We had a talented, enthusiastic and supportive group that gathered in Maine during July to explore botanical and garden photography. This was mostly a field workshop, with lots of time spent in lots of gardens--both public and private. Here are a few images highlighting the work of each student. Enjoy!